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If you have any year model Harley-Davidson Touring model and want to add a

little more sound to the exhaust note and maintain the factory look, I can install any

slip on mufflers that you acquire and bring to me in the original shipping box.

I remove the factory mufflers and saddlebags and clean them, then put them into the box that the replacement mufflers came in, clean the newly installed mufflers or any surfaces touched to prevent fingerprint burn in.

You can sit and wait or drop off and receive a phone call or text when the bike is ready to be picked up.

Refreshments and Lounge area available.

Turnaround time will not exceed two hours - it is usually less and you're back on the road.
This includes Road Kings, Street Glides, Road Glides, Electra Glides, Ultra and Limited models.

Motorcycle and mufflers delivered to my location - $75.00

Trip to the DMV for inspection?

I have factory mufflers for rent, installed and uninstalled afterwards - $150.00
Overnight secure storage is available under certain circumstances - $175.00 total.

If you require assistance with acquisition of any brand mufflers at the

lowest prices found from retailers and dealers, contact me below the video.

If you require a consult regarding any customization

of your touring motorcycle, contact me below the video.

Coming Soon

True Dual Exhaust Headpipes, High Flow Air Breather, and

your choice of Fuel Management System installation.

In the video below you will see the latest installation of a set of Crusher Maverick

Power Cell 4" Slip-ons from Kuryakyn acquired from another outlet for $100.00 cheaper.

These mufflers come with stainless steel wrapping inside the 4"

canister around each baffle vs. the old fiberglass based wrapping.
They resemble Rinehart mufflers and sound just as good if not, better.

You may see a little of what appears to be smoke coming out of the pipes,

it is merely WD 40 heating up and burning off and dissapates very quickly.

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