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Ride On Angels Wings

Gone now, never to be forgotten. Forever in our memory.

Everyday the Sun will shine for you, Everyday the roads will be dry.

The straights go on forever, The curves are as you dream.

There is no more pain. There are no more worries.

You will still be there at every party.

You're puttin' with the stars, riding our creator's smooth asphalt.
Since Angels ride on Harleys, there's no doubt you'll surely travel far.

On Earth You were our Brother, and now you are a Star.

Michael Taggart.jpg

Michael Taggart

April 18, 1960 - May 29, 2019


David "Wylde Irish Crash" Camp

May 22, 1968 - August 10, 2017


Richard "Roach" Mercer

September 12, 1957 - February 9, 2017


Earl E. "Skip" Herriman Jr.
1947 - 2014

Kenneth "Wolfman" Brong
October 11,1946 - October 16, 2013!/Obituary

Robert C. Moyer
1954 - 2011

Bill "Sputnik" Strain
1939 - 2010

Thomas "Tonka Tom" Gibbons
1961 - 2009

Richard "Quig" Quigley
1943 - 2007




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